Tree Board Seeks New Members

For 10 years the Tree Board has operated as a three member board responsible to the citizens of Frankfort and City Council for the preservation of trees on city streets and in city parks. Membership on the board requires city residency for at least two members and an interest in promoting the natural beauty of Frankfort by supporting the healthy growth of existing trees and planning new plantings that would enhance the landscape.

Recent projects have included the placement of permeable pavers around the trees on Main Street to provide uniform and safe sidewalks and a harvest of diseased Ash and Beech trees on Tank Hill. The Tree Board works with the Invasive Species Network to identify, collect or destroy invasive species in parks and public spaces.

This is a perfect opportunity to serve the community for anyone with an interest in Frankfort and the maintenance of its urban landscape. Interested persons should contact Josh Mills, City Superintendent at jmills@cofrankfort.net, Judy Macey at judithd@wildblue.net or (231) 352-6884 or Sally Cook sal_cook@yahoo.com or (231) 871-0503.

City of Frankfort Parks & Recreation Master Plan Survey

The City of Frankfort is preparing to update its Parks & Recreation Master Plan. As part of the process, the City and its consultants developed a survey to gather information from its citizens. The City will use survey results to review existing Master Plan provisions, consider revisions, as well as add new Master Plan objectives and action plans.

Information gathered from this survey is part of the public process for developing the Master Plan. Its results will be included in the final report to the City of Frankfort. No individual response or identification of respondents is requested. Following the survey the City, working with their consultant, will prepare for a public meeting to discuss these results and receive direct input on issues and actions brought forward by the survey.

You may complete the survey online by clicking here.

Printed copies of the survey are also available at City Hall. Please mail or drop off these surveys to City Hall no later than May 2, 2014. Thanks for your participation.

Parks and Recreation Master Plan Survey
P.O. Box 351
412 Main St., Frankfort, MI 49635


City of Frankfort, 412 Main St., P.O. Box 351, Frankfort, MI 49635
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